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Were you the one for me?
I trusted misleading promises worth repeating.
How could you do this to me?
Red letter day that I learned I'm sure you'll get what you deserve.

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Fandom:→ Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Pairing:→ Walter/Joachim
Theme Set:→ In the Dark (My Lover's Bed)
Title:→ Bit and Bridle
Rating:→ T
Notes/Warnings:→ Written for drabble123 @ LJ.
Summary:Joachim desperately wants to surpass his Master and Walter is all too aware of the fact; it provides him with such amusement.


A sliver of torchlight pierces the darkness within the coffin and stirs its mortal occupant, who wakes with a groan. His eye twitches at the sight of arms around his chest, restraining him from behind, and as he attempts to wriggle free, their hold only tightens.

“If you’re going to kill me then do so already,” he grunts to the beast supposedly sleeping behind him.

Red tresses spill over Joachim’s neck as Walter breathes into his ear, “And ruin my amusement?” His chin digs into Joachim’s shoulder as he leans forward. “Eternity is a bore after the first four-hundred years, and as dispensable as you are, you’re the liveliest mortal who’s come willingly to me.”

Joachim snorts at the backhanded compliment, “Touching, really.” Torchlight glimmers off the stone around Walter’s neck and he narrows his eyes. ‘If only…’

“It came as a blow to my vanity when I discovered you only wanted my precious Ebony Stone instead, though.” Walter plucks the stone between two fingers, dangling it in front of Joachim. “Ah, how it shines with ebonfire on nights such as these. Beautiful, no?”

Set with grim determination, Joachim twists in the coffin so that he’s facing Walter. “Wouldn’t the game be more enjoyable if I were able to match your strength?”

Walter leans back with a smug grin, taking his arms from Joachim’s waist. “Perhaps,” he answers at length, “but the Master of Ceremonies dictates the flow of events. You, my dear boy,” he whispers in turn and reaches out, tucking a finger beneath Joachim’s chin, “are a mere pawn.”

Malice burns within Joachim like the eternal flame of the Ebony Stone he so desires. Still, for the sake of his own conquest, he swallows his pride and leans forward to kiss the hand outstretched to him. “Yes, Master…”



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