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Fandom:→ Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Pairing:→ Simon/Fuma
Theme Set:→ In the Dark (Moonlight)
Title:→ Strong Resemblance
Rating:→ G
Notes/Warnings:→ Written for drabble123 @ LJ.
Summary:Looking at Fuma, Simon has to remind himself that he's seeing another person and not his own reflection.


Simon isn’t all that surprised after removing Fuma’s armor to find scars splotched across the younger warrior’s skin. He goes about his work quickly and quietly, trying not to spook Fuma by staring for too long.

It’s like looking in a mirror.

“My recollection of Kyoki-to and its inhabitants did little to aid our journey thus far,” Fuma grunts as Simon binds the wound on his side and wraps bandages around it. His eyes flick towards the sky above, dark with a strange moon hanging from invisible cords. “This Grimoire, whatever it may be, is nothing like my reality.”

“Nor mine,” Simon chimes in. “Still, for beasts as fierce as we’ve battled, you’ve fought well. Don’t discount your skills just because you were wounded.”

‘…in my defense,’ is what he would like to add, but he refrains.

You’re a fine warrior yourself.” Fuma smiles and it sets Simon’s insides aflame. “We wouldn’t have made it as far as Kyoki-to if not for your strength and wisdom; I’ve never battled the like of Dracula’s hordes before.”

Flattery will get you nowhere’ is also something that Simon would normally add, but he finds Fuma’s praise most uplifting. With a grin, he reaches over and tousles the younger man’s hair. “Your knowledge of Kyoki-to and its demons were instrumental in making it this far. Don’t forget that or…”

Fuma’s eyes are wide and boring straight into him.

My brothers used to muss my hair in the same fashion after a battle.” He smiles softly. “You look a lot like my eldest brother, that is. Your mannerisms are similar, too.

Simon laughs and rubs the back of his neck. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Moonlight glimmers off of Fuma as he shifts around to grasp Simon’s shoulder. “Of the highest form, my friend.”


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