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Were you the one for me?
I trusted misleading promises worth repeating.
How could you do this to me?
Red letter day that I learned I'm sure you'll get what you deserve.

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Oops. You've stumbled upon the territory of a girly critter referred to as 'Bentley.' You have several options, of course, should you wish to interact with her.

Bentley (or Ben) is a girl with a little too much free time on her hands and a ridiculous sense of intrigue and curiosity. She likes to write anything from fan fiction to original fiction (more of the former than the latter, though.) Her mind tends to wander a lot and she has a vivid imagination...or so she's been told.

Since music is a big inspiration for her, she likes to dabble in that also by covering songs with vocal synthesis programs like Vocaloid and Utau. Her currents Vocaloid units are: Arsloid, Fukase, Gackpoid v4, Kaito v3, Kiyoteru Natural & Rock, Len V4X, Piko, VY2v3, ZOLA Project (Kyo, Yuu, and Wil.) Her current Utau units are: Hakuapoid, Akito, Killy, Mythpoid, Rai, Souta, and Rook.

Gaming is also something that she enjoys immensely. RPGs and strategy-based games in general are among her favorites, including a few visual novels. Her favorite visual novels are the Amnesia series, the Diabolik Lovers series, and the Dot Kareshi series. As far as other games go, she really loves the Castlevania series (IGA Era only), the Disgaea series, the Final Fantasy series, the Pokemon series, and the Legend of Zelda series.

Anime and Manga are also big in her fandom life. The genres she's into range from shoujo to shounen, romantic to action-packed, and she doesn't gravitate towards a specific genre, either. Some of her favorite series are Black Butler, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Bungou Stray Dogs, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Ghost Hunt, Hamatora, Hetalia, Meganebu!, Servamp, Shounen Maid, Tokyo Babylon, Trickster, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, X / 1999, Uta no Prince-sama, and xxxHolic.

Glitter. Ben bleeds glitter. Japanese rock bands. Specifically visual kei and angura kei. Crossdressers also make Ben gleeful. She dabbles in a little herself each time she goes shopping for clothes.

Vocaloid: Fukase/Arsloid, Gackpoid/Kiyoteru, Yohio/DEX, Len/Piko, Kyo/Yuu
Utau: Hakuapoid/Rook, Killy/Mythpoid, Souta/Rai, Toby/Galvan
Vocaloid/Utau: Teiru/Mikuo, Kaito/Ppoiyo
Amnesia: Ikki/Shin, Orion/Rinne
Diabolik Lovers: Shuu/Subaru, Yuuma/Ruki, Azusa/Kanato
Castlevania: Richter/Alucard, Mathias/Leon, Leon/Joachim, Hugh/Nathan, Hector/Isaac, Julius/Soma, Alexis/Cyril
Disgaea: Almaz/Mao, Fenrich/Valvatorez, Killia/Christo
Pokemon Series: Morty/Falkner, Steven/Wallace, N/Cheren, Burgh/Grimsley, Curtis/Nate, Volkner/Roark
Black Butler: Sebastian/Ciel, Undertaker/Grell, William/Ronald, Agni/Soma, Snake/Ciel
Blood Blockade Battlefront: Steven/Leo, Klaus/Zapp
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!: En/Atsushi, Ibushi/Kinshiro, Rui/Yumoto, Veppers/Goura, Io/Akoya
Ghost Hunt: Lin/Naru, Takigawa/Mai
Hetalia: America/Japan, Prussia/Austria, Spain/Romano, Germany/South Italy
High School Star Musical: Shuu/Kaito, Kakeru/Tooru, Izumi/Rui, Itsuki/Kyouji
Marginal #4: Atom/Rui, R/L
Meganebu!: Akira/Yukiya, Ikuto/Mitsuki, Hotaka/Kyousuke
Servamp: Hugh/Tetsu, Lily/Misono, Mikuni/Misono, Kuro/Tsubaki, Sakuya/Mahiru
Shounen Maid: Keiichirou/Madoka, Yuuji/Chihiro, Hayato/Ryuuji
Tokyo Babylon & X/1999: Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran/Sakura, Kurogane/Fai, Fuuma/Kamui, Seishirou/Subaru
Uta no Prince-sama: Tokiya/Masato
xxxHolic: Yuuko & Watanuki, Doumeki/Watanuki


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