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Were you the one for me?
I trusted misleading promises worth repeating.
How could you do this to me?
Red letter day that I learned I'm sure you'll get what you deserve.

yinhua: lost (utau) (Default)
Fandom:→ Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Pairing:→ Simon/Fuma
Theme Set:→ In the Dark (Moonlight)
Title:→ Strong Resemblance
Rating:→ G
Notes/Warnings:→ Written for drabble123 @ LJ.
Summary:Looking at Fuma, Simon has to remind himself that he's seeing another person and not his own reflection.


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Fandom:→ Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Pairing:→ Walter/Joachim
Theme Set:→ In the Dark (My Lover's Bed)
Title:→ Bit and Bridle
Rating:→ T
Notes/Warnings:→ Written for drabble123 @ LJ.
Summary:Joachim desperately wants to surpass his Master and Walter is all too aware of the fact; it provides him with such amusement.


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yinhua: gackpoid (vocaloid) (murasaki)
Challenge: all bingo
Fandom: Various

Complete: 0 / 5
Goodnight and Go The Pledge Innocentia E.T. My Medea
Angel of the Morning Gardenia Ghostly Theater Burial Applicant Hella Good
Sweet Poison Factory Here with Me WILD CARD Hymn for the Weekend Beauty & Stupid
Arcadian Vampire The Slightly Chipped Full Moon Gotta Get Thru This Alcohol Filth
Mizerable Candy Addict's Full Course Holding Out for a Hero Take it Home Malchik Gay
yinhua: masato (utapri) (angelic)
Challenge: drabble123
Table: In the Dark
Fandom: Castlevania

Complete: 2 / 20
In the Dark
01.  My lover's bed
02.  Moonlight
03.  No more lonely nights
04.  Long, dark night of the soul
05.  Shooting stars
06.  Dancing in the dark
07.  A midnight clear
08.  Dark desires
09.  The night we met
10.  Nightmares
11.  Saturday night's all right
12.  Electricity
13.  Tender is the night
14.  Insomnia
15.  Blackout
16.  By candlelight
17.  Hot summer nights
18.  Before sunrise
19.  Last night on Earth
20.  Eclipse
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Challenge: fc_smorgasboard
Table: Buffet Table #1 - 10 Prompts
Fandom: Castlevania

Complete: 0 / 10
Buffet Table #1 - 10 Prompts
01.  All sorts of complicated.
02.  Edge of the knife.
03.  Antiseptic air.
04.  And that's when I stopped believing in gravity.
05.  That's why they call it falling.
06.  Black ice.
07.  Here comes the flood.
08.  Trembling cold.
09.  I covet you.
10.  Breathe, baby, breathe!
yinhua: leon (castlevania) (duty)
Fandom:→ Castlevania
Pairing:→ Mathias/Leon
Theme Set:→ Valentine's Fest (Such a Gentleman)
Title:→ Chivalry is Undead
Rating:→ G
Notes/Warnings:→ Alternate ending for Lament of Innocence. Written for [community profile] allbingo's Valentine's Fest.
Summary:It's been over a century since Leon was turned to vampirism, and even after all those years, he still can't understand why Mathias favors him among the rest of his subordinates. Mathias insists that it's because of the bond they share in mortal life, the love he now has for Leon, but Leon can't grasp the gentler side of his Master regardless of how hard he tries. After all, a monster is still a monster.


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